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In this article, we explain how hashtags work, and how you can create your own following our best practices.

Each getquin hashtag works like its own virtual room.

Just click on it and you'll be taken to a personalized version of your feed.

Here, users post about the selected topic – making it easier for you to participate in discussions and explore our app distraction-free.

Here's how it works:

Step 1

Check out our list of hashtags and find a topic you like:


Instantly see all posts about "stocks": from meme stocks to traditional companies – you can get all your information here.


Keep your investment strategy on track: everything you need to know about exchange traded funds. ETF Investment strategies, analyses & discussions.


What are dividend aristocrats? Which companies pay the best dividends? How do I pay tax on my dividend income? These and other questions are answered in this thread.


Complicated topics explained in a simple way: stay up to date with the latest financial news and adjust your strategy in seconds.


Find friends who are just as passionate about investing as you are. Follow how others invest, get feedback from our community and compare your portfolio.


Follow earnings reports from top companies and make strategic investment decisions.


Learn more about derivatives and how to use them.


New to investing? You’ll find all the resources you need here, such as stock comparisons, investment ideas, and a breakdown of basic financial terms.


Learn how to diversify your portfolio using alternative investments. These include luxury collectibles, such as expensive watches, sneakers, or even cars.

Step 2

Search for the hashtag in our app, click on it and land on a personalized version of your feed.

All the posts you see will be filtered and only those that match the topic you selected will be displayed.

Step 3 - Get creative!

On getquin, you can not only follow the latest hashtags, but also start your own trend.

Just add a new hashtag to your post and let the other users see what you're up to.

Our moderators are constantly scanning the feed for new and trending hashtags.

When we see one that's particularly good, we promote it in the feed.

Do you already have your own hashtag? If not, here are a few tips on creating one:

  • Maximum 5 hashtags per post

  • Don't be too specific – the more generic, the better!

The fewer hashtags with similar spellings there are, the easier it is to find content in the app. An example: #stock #stocks #share ➝ These three hashtags for the same topic would lead to three different hashtag pages in the app. We want to avoid this.

  • Check if the hashtag you want to create already exists. In this case, it is unnecessary to create a similar one

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