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Can I track other assets on getquin?

Of course, at getquin we do not limit ourselves to investments such as stocks or ETFs, other assets such as art objects or real estate can also be tracked and discussed with the community.

Besides the most well-known investment opportunities on the stock market, there are of course many other ways to increase one's wealth and invest one's money. For example, precious metals, real estate, NFTs, commodities or even certain cars are often used to further diversify the portfolio.

Also, to really make the entire investment portfolio lookable on getquin, alternative assets can be selected and added in the portfolio.

Since costs and returns of these alternatives can of course not be queried from a central database, there is the possibility to enter this data manually.

If your investment is so unusual that it is not even listed under the alternatives, it can be entered as an "Individual investment".

Once you have entered your alternative assets, they will of course be displayed in your profile under "Portfolio" just like other investments.

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