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What options do I have for a getquin post?

There are now many different ways to customize a general post and make it more exciting individually.

Since posts are meant to serve different intentions, there are several ways for you to tailor a post to your needs.

If you want to ask other users for their opinion on a comparison of stocks, you can use the "investment decision" to include several stocks for a vote in the post.

You can also ask other users for their opinion of your portfolio by sharing your portfolio in either absolute or relative terms. (You can also choose in this feature if you want to show the aggregated dashboard or just a specific portfolio).

To assign explanations in your post to a topic, you can include a content hashtag (#). This will be used to collect all posts on a topic, more about that here.

Similar to this function, a cashtag can also be used to link the post to a specific stock.

You can find more about Cashtags here.

If you want to support what you have written with meaningful images or GIFs, you can also attach them to the end of your post.

In the meantime, it is also possible to specifically link one of your transactions with a contribution.

Of course, you can also tag other users in posts just like in comments and address them directly.

If you want to learn more about what kind of content works well on getquin, even in direct comparison to Instagram, you can search for #marketing1x1 in the app.

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