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We are always open to your feedback.

Are you missing a feature at getquin that you would like to see?

Then we have created an open platform for it here.

On our feedback page you can send us feature suggestions and the community can vote.

You can also view other suggestions and vote for them if you like them.

Before submitting a new suggestion, please check for the following things:

  1. Is there already a similar proposal? Then comment on it or vote for it!

  2. Does the feature add value for a large portion of users or does it represent more of a personal preference?

  3. Is it a real feature or do you wish for a design change?

Note that to avoid spam, we manually review posts and only then approve them.
Therefore, it can sometimes take a while.
We also often merge suggestions with similar or the same ideas so we can collect ideas in a concentrated way!

Please describe the feature in as much detail as possible so that we can understand your thought processes. Especially for comprehensive technical features, a more comprehensive description is definitely better.

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