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You want to know which privacy settings can be made with us?
Then you've come to the right place.

In the settings under "Privacy" you can set your profile visibility.

The option "Visible for everyone", also called "public", means that every other user can go to your profile and see your existing positions and a relative distribution of values and performance.

The option "Only for your followers", also called "private", disables the above function.

In this mode, your portfolio is public exclusively for accounts following you.
All other users see nothing at this point.
Again, it is so that accounts following you can see only relative values and no exact numbers of units or how much money you have invested.


You decide if you want to publish absolute values when you generate a dashboard link.Also employees of getquin do not have access to the absolute values in your portfolio.So unless you send us a link with absolute numbers, we will only see relative values.

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