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With getquin, the simple return is displayed by default.

In addition, you can switch between the relative and the absolute return.

By default, getquin always shows you the so-called simple relative return on your personal dashboard. This usually corresponds to the yield calculation of the brokers.

The simple return calculation can be easily illustrated by the following example:

A portfolio has the initial value of 1,000 € and stands after 10 years at 2,000€, which results in a return of 100%.

If you notice differences in the displayed return after importing your portfolio, this does not mean that the import did not work properly.

If the getquin app shows 0 for both absolute and relative returns for a position and your broker shows different returns for that position, but the absolute value of the position is correct, this is because there is currently not enough data available for that security.

getquin expands the coverage of price data on an ongoing basis.

You want to know how our benchmarking calculates the return, then look here.

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