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Want to delete a purchase or sale, but don't know how?

Then you will be helped here!

  1. Open the getquin app or go to our web version

  2. Go to your dashboard or to your created portfolio

  3. Scroll down to the transaction list - Here you can see all purchases, sales, dividends and splits.

  4. Search for the transaction you want to delete

  5. Next you can either open the menu on the web with the 3 dots or in the app by tapping on the transaction to edit the transaction.

  6. If you now scroll down again, there is a red menu area with "Delete transaction".

After that the transaction is permanently deleted and cannot be restored.


  1. I want to delete a dividend but it shows up again.

    Dividends are automatically created by us based on the ex-date and your entered purchase date. If a dividend is too much, please check first if the purchase date was entered correctly.

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