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The easiest way to keep track of your portfolio with getquin is to connect via Open Banking - an encrypted direct connection with your bank. This way you can have new transactions (new purchases and sales) automatically and regularly added to the transaction dashboard.

How to connect your portfolio to getquin via Open Banking is explained here step by step:

In the web browser

Connect portfolio

  • Log in to your account

  • Click on "Monitoring" in the upper right corner of your screen and then on "Link securities account".

  • Select or search for your broker

  • Click on "Automatic connection

  • Log in to your bank with your access number and pin

DONE! That's it. Within a short time you can link your depot with the getquin app.

In the app

  • In your portfolio, go to the blue "Plus" icon

  • Now select "New Portfolio

  • Afterwards you can search for your broker and select it.

  • Now just select "Automatic connection" and enter your access data.


It is important that you save your PIN to ensure continuous data transmission via the Open Banking connection. This is the only way we can update the holdings of your portfolio via the Open Banking interface on a daily basis.

In addition, banks are required to re-authenticate your login every 90 days. When this is due, a banner will automatically appear in the app asking you to re-enter your username and password for your bank. Just click on "Renew connection", enter your details and your transactions will get updated automatically.


Automatic transactions always sell shares in my portfolio

Shares or cryptocurrencies that are not part of your portfolio linked on getquin are displayed as sales due to the open bank account. To fix this issue, you need to create a second portfolio. To do so, select "New Portfolio" on the tab and create another portfolio.

I have deleted my connection and when I want to add it again, the message "Such connection already exists" appears. What can I do?

For security reasons, after deleting a connection, it is not possible to re-establish the same connection until 24h later.

I have imported my portfolio and do not see any history.
Due to lack of access to the data, the initial import is always in the form of holdings at the time of the connections. However, you can adjust the purchase date through the transactions to create a history. For the same reason, dividends are only counted from this date.

In my portfolio, a button with "Update bank details" is permanently visible and does not disappear. What can I do?

Some brokers, such as Trade Republic, have a permanent 2-factor authentication active, which means that without your code we have no way to retrieve new data, which is why we created this button, with which you can manually start the data retrieval at any time.
So as long as you have no new transactions (purchases or sales) with your broker, you can ignore this button.

My entire transaction list is not being transmitted. Is something not working?

Except for Coinbase, Scalable Capital, Trade Republic and Binance, we currently do not receive historical transactions from the brokers, which is why we cannot automatically retrieve positions that have already been sold.

My broker does not show me an Open connection (anymore). Why does this happen?

There can be several reasons for this. For regulatory reasons, we are not allowed to offer Open Banking in every state, even if the broker operates locally. Therefore, you may not have an Open Banking connection visible, even if the broker is basically compatible with Open Banking.

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