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Benchmarking / Indices comparison
Benchmarking / Indices comparison
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You want to know how well your portfolio performs compared to an index or other stocks/ETFs? then you can find out with our benchmarking!

This feature is exclusively available for our users with a premium membership.
You can get the premium for free if you refer friends!

To use the benchmarking, first go to your portfolio. Under the graph for the overall performance you will now see the button "Benchmarking+".

Select it and you can use the search from our database to choose different stocks, ETF and indices to compare.
Also your portfolios can be found there.

Afterwards you go to "Benchmark" and the comparison is generated!

Over the different time periods you can now compare the performance with the corresponding data.


To make the data more comparable, benchmarking always uses the time-weighted return of your portfolio!

We are also trying to integrate this feature into our webapp as soon as possible.

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