YoC (Yield of Cost)
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Yield on cost is an important metric for dividend investors because it represents the return on their initial investment in a particular holding.
It allows investors to track how their dividend income has increased or decreased over time, and helps them evaluate the performance of their portfolio over the long term.

Since the update 2.35.0 we show the YoC for your portfolio!

To calculate the yield on costs for portfolio, we use the following formula:

Yield on Costs = (Total Dividends Paid in the last 12 Months) / (Total Cost Basis of Portfolio)

Total Cost Basis = Sum of average Buy ins + Transactions costs + paid taxes for buys


Your investment is 1000€ (997€ invested for stocks + 2€ transaction cost + 1€ buy taxes)

You got 100€ dividends in the 12 months.

Yield on Costs = 100€ divided by 1000€ = 0.1 or 1%

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