Sparkasse (S-Broker)
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With around 140,000 customers, S Broker is one of the largest German brokers.

S Broker offers a wide variety of trading opportunities on all major German exchanges, 29 foreign exchanges and 19 direct trading partners. Thus, he offers one of the largest offerings in Germany. All asset classes can be traded, except options, futures and Forex. In terms of fees, the broker is rather higher in the competitive comparison. There is no flat fee, but the order fee is capped at 54.99€.

From time to time, there are discounted and time-limited offers that make trading for certain securities cheaper.

The broker definitely offers better trading conditions than the savings banks institutions.

Connection via Open Banking

You can link your Sparkasse account to getquin via Open Banking Connection. To do this, select Sparkasse as broker in the new portfolio creation, go to "Automatic connection" and enter your access data.

Manual Import

If you don't want to use any of these import options, you can still create your transactions manually.

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