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The broker of the largest direct bank in Germany.

ING Broker is one of the classic brokers in Germany, offers the most popular securities for purchase and gives the opportunity to trade on various German stock exchanges, as well as stock exchanges in the U.S. and Canada.

The cost structure is relatively clear, but not quite cheap. Some ETFs are at least discounted to save. Furthermore, there are special offers for new customers, which greatly discounts the offer. However, the bank stands out in terms of security and customer service, which is said to be very good.

Connection via Open Banking

You can link your securities account to getquin via Open Banking. To do this, tap on "Openbanking" in the new portfolio creation, select ING as broker and enter your access data.

PDF Import

If you want to know how to integrate your ING account using PDF import, read this article.

Manual Import

If you don't want to use any of these import options, you can still create your transactions manually.

Want to learn more about this? Here is an article for you.

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