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How is getquin financed?
How is getquin financed?
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As you know, getquin is completely free in its basic functions.

And also in the future, the basic functions of the app will be available to you for free.

Because our goal is to give as many people as possible access to the capital market.

And since transparency is very important to us, we want you to understand how we finance ourselves.

"If you're not paying for the product, you are the product." - The Social Dilemma, Netflix

At least since the release of the Netflix documentary "The Social Dilemma," most people are probably familiar with the principle "If you don't pay for the product, then you are the product."

While this is indeed the case with social media platforms like Instagram and the like, we have deliberately chosen a different business model.

Your data is exclusively your business.

Our product is the getquin app, which should offer you added value and not the other way around, and that will always be the case.

You can find out how we really finance ourselves here:

  1. Venture capital from our investors

  2. Revenue from ads in the app

  3. Revenue from our premium subscription

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