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Classification of assets
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You want to know why the classification of your securities differs from your broker? Then you are in the right place!

getquin uses the so-called TRBC system for classification.
TRBC stands for "The Refinitiv Business Classification" and represents a classification system for securities and their affiliation to sectors, industries, geographical location, etc..

Since getquin primarily receives data from the data provider "Refinitiv", a product of Thomson&Reuters, this classification standard is also used.
Therefore, it is possible that the data in the analysis of your securities differs from that of other trackers or your broker.

For example, if your broker uses "GICS" ("Global Industry Classification Standard") or ICB ("Industry Classification Benchmark"), this information differs from getquin.

TRBC presents a special feature in the analysis data for synthetically replicating, i.e. "swapped", ETFs.
The geographic allocation is thereby calculated on the basis of the allocation of the swaps and not the theoretical composition of the ETF is shown.
Thus, for example, a 100% Switzerland ETF can consist of 70% USA if it is synthetically replicating.

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