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You are looking for a specific ticker for your securities during import and can't find it?

Then you are in the right place.

At getquin we use a global database for different assets.

Since there is no international standard for tickers and therefore tickers may be assigned multiple times, it may be that you cannot find your desired security with one ticker.

Also, identical securities in different markets or on different exchanges get different tickers.

For example, a world ETF may have a ticker on the Stuttgart stock exchange that is not used on the Paris stock exchange, even though the same ETF is also listed there.

The safest option is to search for your securities with the ISIN (international security identifier number).

These letter and number combinations are globally unique and always assigned to specific securities such as funds, ETFs or shares.

For example Apple:
Ticker: AAPL
ISIN: US0378331005

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