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Free Trial for getquin Premium
Free Trial for getquin Premium
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If you are not sure what getquin Premium can offer you, try getquin Premium for 7 days! Free of charge and without any further obligations.

We allow you to activate in multiple places in the app:

  1. For new users in onboarding

    As a new user you get the possibility to test getquin Premium for 7 days for free, directly after your registration.

    In our onboarding the option is automatically displayed.
    If you accept the trial version there, the 7 days start immediately and without delay.

  2. As soon as you select a locked function

    As soon as you navigate to a paid option without getquin Premium and have not had a trial period yet, you will be offered the option to test Premium for 7 days once.

  3. In the settings

    You can also activate your trial via the settings in the "getquin Premium" section.

Note 1:

Each user has a one-time trial period for getquin Premium.

Note 2:

If you don't want to use Premium anymore after the trial period, you have to cancel the subscription in time in your Playstore (Android) or AppStore (Apple) or via Stripe (Web).

Despite cancellation, the 7-day trial version will be fully available to you.

Note 3:
Due to the guidelines in the Playstore and AppStore as well as Stripe, the trial phase must be canceled at least 24h before expiration, otherwise the trial phase automatically converts into an annual subscription.

Note 4:
Deleting the user account is not the same as canceling the trial period!
Please note that if you delete your user account, you must cancel the trial period separately via Apple, Google or Stripe to prevent your payment method from being charged!

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