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Referral programm

Reward for referring a new user?

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We all benefit from a larger getquin community, as even more Perspectives can also provide more opportunities and everyone should have the opportunity to educate themself on the topic of investments.

If you know someone who would add value to the community or is interested in sharing about investments, just invite them to submit their investments to Getquin and share their experiences, opinions and questions with the community!

Moreover, not only you will get one month of Premium for each invited user, but also the user you refer will automatically get the Premium membership for free in the first month!

This is automatically assigned after registration, you do not have to do anything else.

How can I invite a friend?

At first you need at least version 2.33.0 of our mobile app or just our webapp.
Not only the actual invitation link, everything you share from getquin (dashboard, profile, watchlist) contains your referral code. The recipient can simply register via the respective link.

How many months of Premium can I get?

We are offering different tiers for successful sign ups.

  • 1 sign up = month

  • 3 sign ups = 3 months

  • 10 sign ups = 1 year

This means:
From 10 invitations you will get a whole year of Premium membership for free.

If you already benefits from a promotional offer, the reward will be added at the end of the current subscription period.

Will I get charged at the end of the free subscription?

No! You don´t need to enter your payment details and the subscription will automatically come to an end unless you buy it again.

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