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Can I import derivatives into my portfolio?

Another widely used financial instrument is derivatives, so they can also be imported with us.

No matter if knockout/factor/discount certificate, warrant or other leverage products, basically many of the widely used derivatives can be imported on Getquin.

For the import there are also different possibilities:

If you connect a broker to Getquin via Open Banking and trade derivatives with this broker that are also offered by our data service provider, they will automatically be displayed in our database.

Just like other investments, you can easily upload the PDF of the settlement to add the particular derivative to the portfolio.

Since especially in the case of certificates with shares and indices as the underlying, the name differs only slightly, it is recommended to always search for the ISIN when creating a purchase transaction. In this way, a confusion of certificates can be avoided.

Derivatives are updated once a week, but of course the difference between buy and sell transaction can still be calculated more accurately.

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