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The second major neo-broker in Europe that caught on with the masses was Scalable Capital.

Scalable still attracts mainly with an appealing, simple design and a cheap way to invest in ETFs and stocks.

At Scalable Capital, you can have savings plans on stocks and ETFs executed for free, and even buying and selling an asset costs just €0.99.

All shares traded on the electronic exchange "gettex" as well as many different ETFs are available at Scalable Capital.

Connection via Open Banking

You can link your Scalable Capital AT account to getquin via Open Banking Connection. To do this, select Scalable Capital AT as broker in the new portfolio creation, go to "Automatic connection" and enter your access data.


The import of Scalable Wealth is not supported by Open Banking!

Manual Import

If you don't want to use any of these import options, you can still create your transactions manually.

Want to learn more about this? Here is an article for you.

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