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return for cash positions
return for cash positions
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You have created a cash position in another currency and now you are wondering why we show a return there? Then you are right here!

But what is it about?getquin allows you to manually enter current accounts, overnight deposits or cash balances.if you now enter them in a currency other than your default currency, the position is automatically converted into your default currency.

We use the historical exchange rate at the time of the entry.

Now what does it have to do with the displayed return?In an example, we invested 1,000,000 Indian rupees (INR) as a cash position on 01/01/2023.
These Indian rupees were worth 11289.24€ on 01/01/2023 based on the daily conversion rate.

Today (15/08/2023) these 1.000.000 Indian rupees are still worth 11016,03€.This results in a loss of -2,42% (273,21€) due to a change in the conversion rate.

So you still have 1.000.000 INR in your portfolio, but in the meantime these have suffered a loss of value to your standard currency Euro of -2,42%.

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