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You want to automatically sync your BitPanda account with getquin?

Then the update 2.39.0 is just right!

To successfully link with getquin, you must first generate an API key at BitPanda.


  1. Log in to your BitPanda account on the web

  2. In the upper right corner go to your account

  3. There you will find the option "API key".

  4. Select this option.

  5. In the options select "Credit" and "Transactions".

  6. Finally select "Generate new API key".

  7. Confirm the new API key via the link in your email account

  8. Now copy the API key and keep it for later.

Die Verbindung mit getquin:

  1. Log in to getquin

  2. Now go to the dashboard

  3. Go to "+ Portfolio

  4. In the next menu select BitPanda

  5. Now click on "Automatic connection

  6. Here you set the API key

Finally click on "import" and wait a while

Currently only cryptocurrencies are imported and no stocks, indices, currency pairs, ETF or commodities!

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