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CAGR (Payout) - Compound Annual Growth Rate of Payouts
CAGR (Payout) - Compound Annual Growth Rate of Payouts
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With the update 2.35.0, the CAGR or the annual growth rate of distributions has found its way into our statistics.

But how is this information calculated?

First you calculate the sum of the dividends of the last 12 months until today and divide this information by the portfolio value.

Calculation example:

Today is 04/20/2023.

Since 04/20/2022 you have received dividends of 100€ per month, so 1200€ in total.

Your portfolio value is 100.000€ at today's date.

1200€ divided by 100,000€ = 0.012 and we multiply this number by 100 to get a percentage.

Therefore, in this example, the CAGR would be 1.20%.

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