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If you had to manually add all your crypto transactions to your getquin account until now, we have good news for you!

From now on you can automatically add your cryptos from Binance to getquin via API.

getquin tries to represent your investments on Binance as accurately as possible, but there are still some limitations:

  • getquin imports only buy, sell, send, receive and staking transactions. Other transactions like margin trades are not supported.

  • getquin does not import cash.

  • If you have sent cryptos from your Binance to your wallet, getquin will import this transaction as a "send transaction". This transaction involves the realization of gains and losses that would not normally occur with such a transfer. getquin is working to better represent this issue in the future.

If you want to connect your Binance account to your account on getquin for the first time, it is recommended to do it right away via an API connection. It only takes a few minutes to set up and all subsequent transactions will be automatically added to getquin.

To connect for the first time, follow these steps:

Step 1️⃣Gehe to your dashboard and press "Portfolio +".

Step 2️⃣Klicke on "New Portfolio" and select Binance as your broker.

Step 3️⃣Wähle "</> Api" as link option off

Step 4️⃣Nun an info text appears, in which the API restrictions are discussed.

Step 5️⃣

Enter your API key and API secret.
getquin requires read-only access and will never execute transactions.

If you don't know where to find your API key and API secret, you can follow the instructions.

Step 6️⃣

Click on "Continue"! Your transactions from Binance will now be automatically transferred.


What is the reason that my Binance portfolio in getquin does not exactly match the one in Binance?

getquin only handles buy, sell, send, receive and staking transactions. Other transactions like margin trades or trades are not supported yet.

Will future transactions be taken over automatically?

Yes! All supported transactions are automatically taken over.

An update takes place several times a day.

Why are price gains or losses realized on a "send transaction"?

Often cryptocurrencies are bought on an exchange and sent to a wallet for safekeeping directly afterwards. However, since getquin does not know if you are the owner of the wallet to which the coins were sent, getquin must assume that the coins were sent for the purchase of other assets, for example. This is equivalent to a sale transaction and leads to the realization of price gains or losses.

We are working on the best possible presentation of this issue in the future.

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