When you register at getquin, you’ll be asked to create a personal profile with information about your investments.

Your getquin profile includes a profile picture, username, profile name and a banner, which you can use to individualize your profile.

  • The username is your individual name, which’ll be assigned once on our platformThe profile name is your real nameYou can also add a short bio description to tell our community a little bit about yourself and your investment strategy

In addition, you have the option to have a public or a private getquin profile.

  • With a private profile, other users will only see your basic information. Your portfolio will remain hidden and not visible to other users. Other users also won’t be able to see your full name, just your first name and the first letter of your last nameHowever, you can write public posts using a private profile.

  • With a public profile, your entire profile is visible to every user. This includes the positions in your portfolio showing relative performance and your last activities (buy/sell transactions and dividend payments). The absolute values of your portfolio will always remain private and are not visible even with a public profile.

Take a look at the table below for a summary view:

If you have any questions or difficulties with your profile, you can reach out to us any time via [email protected].

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